Our Story

There were two special individuals named Elena and Christian. Elena was a close friend of Christian and had a deep passion for jewelry. However, she often struggled to find high-quality, long-lasting pieces at affordable prices that were also hypoallergenic.

Meanwhile, Christian had always dreamed of creating something that would help people all over the world. His goal was to make everyday life easier and better without breaking the bank. That's when he came up with Fenyes.

Christian started working and learning all about jewelry, from the materials used to the durability and different types of pieces. He wanted to create a truly exceptional brand, one that was creative, passionate, and known for its exceptional quality and longevity. He reached out to the best suppliers from all around the world to make his vision a reality.

In addition to his love for jewelry, Christian had a dog that had experienced various health issues throughout its life. He witnessed firsthand the difficulties of accessing good canine healthcare in his area. This inspired him to dedicate a portion of Fenyes' profits to animal shelters, aiming to help those places that struggle to provide proper care and treatment for our beloved furry friends.

So, when you shop at our store, not only will you look more beautiful, but you'll also be contributing to causes that support animals worldwide. Your purchase will make a difference in the lives of animals, helping them receive the care they need and deserve wherever they may be.